Healthy, Beautiful and Breastfed Thanks to LLLI Donors Like You

As a young married couple in our early twenties, we were excited to learn we were expecting our first child. Our daughter arrived healthy and beautiful. I put her to my breast immediately and there were no problems with her nursing. A few days after arriving home from the hospital, we embarked upon some challenges. I dug through the tons of literature given to new moms. There I found a La Leche League brochure and called the number listed. The helpful person on the line, a La Leche League Leader, received my call with open arms. She provided me with practical suggestions and soon my problems subsided.

Six additional children followed our first. All were healthy, beautiful and breastfed. The information received from La Leche League with my first baby became part of the foundational building blocks of learning the “Human Art of Breastfeeding” for a lifetime. Most of our children now have families of their own. We’re thankful the legacy of breastfeeding has continued! Angela Ali, Chicago, Illinois, USA