For almost 60 years, LLLI, through its strong network of volunteer accredited La Leche League Leaders, has helped mothers and babies around the world achieve a valuable breastfeeding relationship and reap its benefits. With your gift to LLLI today, you can help ensure that future mothers have access to the breastfeeding support they need for a healthy start with their new babies with your gift to LLLI today.


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As a young married couple in our early twenties, we were excited to learn we were expecting our first child. Our daughter arrived healthy and beautiful. We couldn’t have been happier. I put her to my breast immediately and there were no problems with her nursing. A few days after arriving home from the hospital, we embarked upon some challenges. I dug through the tons of literature given to new moms. There I found a La Leche League brochure and called the number listed. (read more) Angela Ali, Chicago, Illinois, USA


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•Provided mother-to-mother support to breastfeeding families in 77 countries from over 6,000 volunteer La Leche League Leaders

•Supported new moms in at-risk areas by giving inner-city hospitals complimentary new mother packets

•Educated breastfeeding families on safe sleep habits with the release of Sweet Sleep, the first and most complete book on safe sleep for breastfeeding families

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•Connected with moms when and where they need us…on their mobile device!

•Launched Breastfeeding Today (online LLLI publication for breastfeeding families) on a mobile-friendly, easy to navigate platform, providing families with the breastfeeding information and support they need when they need it.

•Strengthened our network of Leaders with the new release of Leader Today. Using a mobile-friendly platform similar to Breastfeeding Today, LLLI delivers practical breastfeeding resources Leaders can share with the families they support in their communities.



Mobile-friendly Platforms: Promote breastfeeding for the healthy development of mother and child worldwide Deliver valuable mother-to-mother support and information to more breastfeeding families around the world

HOW: Redesign the LLLI website to be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and accessible in multiple languages Create a peer counseling program model for communities with no La Leche League presence, starting with a pilot program in Botswana Expand our reach through marketing, public relations and social media efforts